“I want to be your family doctor”


Hon-Atsugi Home Doctor Clinic is a general family clinic located near Hon-Atsugi station by 2 minutes walk,we open until 8PM in weekdays.

We have specialists covering a wide range of internal medicine and surgical disciplines, including general diseases, cardiology and cardiovascular surgery.

In addition to our quality of care and expertise, we are equipped with the latest,reliable instruments including CT scans that you would expect from a hospital.

Feeling unwell? Please call us at 046-297-1919

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 9:00-13:00 and 15:00-20:00
Saturday 9:00-13:00

You can reach Hon-Atsugi station by:
45minutes by express from Shinjuku station by Odakyu line.
30minutes access from the Yokohama station.